Dark Yellow Color Turquoise 4 Wrap Stretch Bangle Bracelet

Dark Yellow Color Turquoise 4 Wrap Stretch Bangle Bracelet

Campobasso, Molise, Italy Data di pubblicazione: 27/09/2013

This dark yellow color turquoise 4 wrap stretch bangle bracelet with green turquoise and elephant accessories, with the size of 6-8 mm and the length of 27.6 inch, is now sold at just $4.29.

Aypearl has announced a new collection of turquoise jewelry, including turquoise necklaces, turquoise earrings and so on.

Turquoise jewelry is the perfect jewelry in all the seasons, and when you want to present someone a gift, you should choose turquoise jewelry given all the benefits it has. Turquoise jewelry will become more and more popular in the near future, and we will all love the crazy jewelry.

About Aypearl
As the famous and leading china jewelry supplier, Aypearl values each customer’s satisfaction and requirement. High quality, reasonable price, considerate customer service, and fast shipping are good reasons for choosing Aypearl. There are more than 10000 styles of jewelry on Aypearl. Welcome to wholesale jewelry from Aypearl.

Contact Aypearl
Phone: 86-10-58697219
City: Beijing
Country: China
Postal Code: 100022
Email: aypearl@gmail.com
Address: 2801 Building 8, Jianwai SOHO,39 East 3rd-Ring Road, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China
For more information, please visit:http://www.aypearl.com/wholesale-turquoise-jewelry/wholesale-jewellery-Y1668.html

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